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Women’s Health

Every day tens of millions of women confront uncomfortable and painful health problems related to hormone imbalances. These problems are real, and, particularly for women over forty can seriously impact the emotional, physical and social aspects of their lives. In the quest to get relief and feel better, amid the confusing information about synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRT), women are seeking safer, more natural options – and Women in Balance is answering their call.

WIBI’s Pioneering Role

Founded and led by women from the medical and allied health fields, Women in Balance is the first and only national non-profit association providing education, solutions, and fighting for more research into safer, more effective solutions for hormone balance, wellness, menopause relief, and optimal health.

Our wonderful friends – women, health care providers, national organizations, and corporations – that share the vision of Women in Balance are partnering with us to promote evidence-based research and education into the benefits of natural therapies, and hormone balancing solutions for women’s optimal health.

The Future of Women’s Health

Together, women and health care providers can change women’s health and treatment from synthetic to natural, from one-size-fits-all to individualized care, from treatment to prevention, from dis-ease to BALANCE.

We are already taking giant steps in this direction with the generosity of donors like you.

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