How Funds are Used

What’s even more important than the money we raise is what we do with it.

  • We work to provide high-quality education that is immediately useful for women over forty.
  • We communicate information to the media and health professionals keen on understanding the scientific research and best practices.
  • We work to promote and expand funding for research on hormone balancing solutions.
  • Through our advocacy actions, we are fighting to ensure that women and health providers have access to hormone balancing solutions, such as bioidentical hormones.
  • We strive to ensure that health care is truly focused on wellness & preventing disease from occurring.
  • We are working hard to provide solutions to women by organizing an international health provider listing, as well as other resources that women want right now in their quest for health.

Donate Online: Select Women in Balance Institute from the Donation Use Designation drop down box.

Or, mail check donation to:

Women in Balance Institute at NUNM
049 SW Porter St
Portland, OR 97201