three_women_500What is it?

Community comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether it looks like friends, family members, church, fellow athletes, support groups, team members, etc. they all create a sense of caring and belonging.

Connecting is one of the most powerful tools to health as well. Studies have confirmed that connecting with people, pets or having some type of support system has an amazing effect on your health and encourages recovery from an illness.

With our rigorous work schedules, fast moving pace, it’s easy to become disconnected from people, and that often leads to loneliness and depression. Taking even small steps toward building “community” can enhance one’s quality of life.

What to do?

If you already feel like you have a community, maybe you would like to enhance or deepen your connections with others. Perhaps it has been a while since you’ve shared experiences, been vulnerable, helped someone else, or asked for help. All of these things can deepen a connection.

If you are looking for a new community and new friends, take a step by getting involved in a project, sport, club, or group. Make sure you do something you really love to do. You are more likely to continue to stay involved if you love it. Remember, it takes time to develop new friends, and be part of a community. But the rewards can help create balance and good health.