About WIBI

The Women in Balance Institute (WIBI) is an institute of the National University of Natural Medicine. The WIBI community is made up of women, doctors, health care professionals and organizations dedicated to helping women achieve hormone balance.

The Women in Balance Institute was founded to educate women and the health care community about hormone imbalance, and its impact on a woman’s health and well-being as she ages. We are the only non-profit that is focused on addressing these issues for women without bias.


Women in Balance was founded in January 2004, and in the fall of 2012 joined with the National University of Natural Medicine to become the Women in Balance Institute.   WIBI was born out of the desire to be a trusted health resource for women over 40 who are experiencing the natural hormonal transitions of perimenopause and menopause. We strongly believe that hormone balance is essential to a woman’s overall health and well-being, greatly impacting her longevity and quality of life.

Women in Balance Institute is a national organization dedicated to empowering women to take charge of their hormone health, providing health care providers with the latest up-to-date women’s health research and connecting women to qualified health care providers across the nation.

That every woman over 40 has access to the knowledge, services and products she needs to create hormone balance and wellness in her life.  Knowledge is power. Balance is everything.

Guiding Principles

Balance: The foundation of health begins with balance for your whole body. It’s about getting enough sleep and exercise. Managing stress and eating a healthy diet. And, if needed, taking appropriate nutritional supplements and bioidentical hormones.

Individualized Care: There is no “one dose fits all” approach to achieving hormone balance and optimal health for women. Ideally, each woman should work with a qualified health professional to determine her unique health needs. If hormones are recommended, bioidentical hormones should be used only in physiological doses.

Healthy Solutions: WIB supports and promotes research, public and professional education, and media awareness about the spectrum of health solutions that are available to help women over 40 achieve hormone balance.

Altruism: We believe that women deserve to know all their options when it comes to their health and well-being. WIB does not directly support any commercial products, entities or individuals, but we do collaborate with those who share our mission to provide education and midlife health options for women.

Core Values

Justice for women
Healing can take place when women are empowered. Today, there are many women who don¹t have access to the full range of information about hormone imbalance and how it directly impacts their health. When every woman understands her body and her therapy options for achieving hormone balance, there will be justice. Because then, she will truly be able to make an informed choice about her own personal health.

Transparency, integrity and honesty
We are committed to open communication to the public about mission, activities, accomplishments, decision-making processes, along with full disclosure of affiliations and funding sources.

Education is key
Education is the foundation for empowered change. We are committed to unbiased, multiple source information. We scan emerging science, research, and therapy options and align with experts in hormone balance and wellness.

Responsible stewards of resources
Women in Balance complies with all legal and financial requirements, adhering to sound accounting principles. Our fundraising efforts meet the highest ethical standards with respect to solicitation, acceptance, recording, reporting and use of funds. We are committed to promoting environmental consciousness and practices, and seek balance in everything we do.