What is it?

Vitality is the juice of life. Some days it can be difficult to come by if you are hormonally imbalanced, living with a chronic disease, overworked or just plain worn out. Women at midlife have so many responsibilities, from work to parenting to caring for elderly parents to caring for friends in need. Many times it is difficult – if not virtually impossible – to make yourself a priority.

What to do?

Take a breath and give yourself permission to not be perfect. If you are seeking to regain vitality begin with carving out some time just for you. This will help you think about what you need most.

Re-charge your energy. Do this by prioritizing and doing those things that help you increase your energy. It may be spending time with a dear friend, reading, taking a nap, or reconnecting to nature.

Listen to your internal talk. Vitality begins inside. Is it negative? Or, is it positive? Is the way you think about yourself sapping your creativity? Gently make a deal with yourself to only give yourself loving thoughts.

Release the guilt of “not being everything to everyone”  Those that you love in your life will not collapse if you move to nurture yourself. In the end they will thank you, as it is impossible to give to others from a place of imbalance and exhaustion.

Find something to laugh about. Lighten the moment by laughing at yourself (many things at midlife are truly funny!). Smiles, energy and attitude will give you the capacity to pursue other balance steps and once again be on the path of full personal vitality.