Hormone Balance and Breast Cancer Prevention

At Women in Balance Institute, we believe the cure for breast cancer is prevention. Our goal is to help women reduce breast cancer risk through lifestyle, natural hormone balance and bioidentical hormone treatments. Hormone health experts believe this active awareness can ultimately reduce breast cancer diagnosis, breast cancer treatment and breast cancer recurrence.

We hope to empower women to change the dialogue:

  • from breast cancer treatment to breast cancer prevention
  • from HRT ( synthetic estrogen and progestin used in the Women’s Health Initiative Study that increased breast cancer risk and breast cancer mortality), to BHRT and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (plant-based estrogens and progesterone)
  • from one-size-fits-all, to individualized hormone testing and natural hormone treatments that restore natural hormone balance

The Women in Balance Institute’s aim is to raise awareness about the role of hormone imbalance in breast cancer risk and the huge potential of natural hormone balance to reduce breast cancer risk and prevent breast disease. Shifting levels of estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, cortisol (stress hormones) and other hormones change a woman’s hormone balance throughout her life, most notably during perimenopause and menopause. This is the time for women to take action and partner with a bioidentical-friendly health care provider who routinely uses saliva hormone testing to detect and correct hidden hormone imbalances for menopause symptom relief and to reduce breast cancer risks.

Becoming Our Sisters’ Keepers

At Women in Balance Institute we envision a future where each of us can be our sister’s keeper helping our mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends learn how to practice breast cancer prevention and make the necessary changes to restore natural hormone balance and breast cancer-free lives.

Educational Philosophy

Because research results are primarily published in medical journals written by and for medical industry professionals, most women know very little about bodily health, much less the role hormones play in maintaining it. Information that is complex and difficult to decipher makes it doubly difficult for the average woman to understand, much less picture in her mind, how hormones work in the body. Women in Balance intends to help women make that visual connection through our working philosophy that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our abiding aim is to simplify subjects into words and images that women who are not doctors can easily visualize and therefore truly understand.

Prevention Mantra

Women in Balance supports the research and growing consensus that breast cancer and related diseases in women may be preventable by detecting and correcting hormone imbalances in the body.

It is surprising how little mainstream medicine knows about hormonal health. It’s even more surprising that the research that has been done on women’s hormonal issues has yielded so much misinformation and so little progress towards improved mortality and quality of life. It seems the best women can hope for is early detection but what about prevention? Since the Women’s Health Initiative found greater risks than benefits among users of HRT, women find themselves out in the cold when it comes to a standard of care and evidence-based treatments we can depend on. As Women in Balance continues to seek answers, we are finding them in the changing dialogue of bioidentical hormones vs. HRT, hormone balance vs. replacement and individualized prevention vs. treatment. The Women in Balance Institute is partnering with others to help shift the current illness model to a wellness model that prioritizes prevention over treatment, with emphasis upon natural approaches to hormone restoration and rebalancing.