Prevention is the Breast Cancer Cure

Mature woman holding bunch of grapes, smiling“What can be achieved with screening has been achieved” said Carlo La Vechia head of epidemiology at the University of Milan. It’s time shift the focus on breast cancer towards prevention and changing behaviors like diet and physical exercise.

The Women In Balance Institute believes breast cancer prevention is as important as a breast cancer cure. Hormone balance combined with a balanced, cancer-prevention lifestyle is the key to preventing breast cancer.

We know that maintaining the normal balance of hormones is essential to healthy functioning in the body and protects us against disease, while a hormone imbalance undermines optimal function and weakens our immunities. There is a link between dysfunctional hormone states in the body and symptoms, disorders and diseases in women, including breast cancer.

The bottom line: take care of yourself, sleep, eat an anti inflammatory diet, reduce your stress, exercise and balance your hormones!

For more information please check out the Seventh Woman pages located within the WIBI website.