Dr. Murray’s New Book

Women in Balance congratulates Jane Murray, MD on her hard work, wisdom and dedication to the health of others!  We are proud to feature the long awaited arrival of…

Be The Change:  Transforming Health Care From the Inside Out by Jane Murray, MD

“A must-read for every American who wants to be healthier and receive optimal care in a truly functioning health care system, instead of continuing to flounder in our current system based on illness.”

A taste of Dr. Jane’s fabulous work:

The American health care system has been in crisis for decades.  No one has been happy – not patients, not doctors, not insurance companies, not employers who much purchase insurance plans, not health administrators, not most other health professional who work in the system, not government.  All are disappointed and dissatisfied.  As employers who select and pay for the chosen health plans, and as patients, we pay more every year and feel we receive less.  As physicians and other “providers,” we feel forced to give increasingly impersonal illness care, rather than real health care.  As payers, we cannot seem to keep things under control as costs and expectations escalate.  As a society, we have seen more and more of our citizens left out of the system entirely, as over 47 million Americans have lacked health insurance – most of these working families with children.
But while the pundits pontificate, the politicians debate, the protestors rally, the special interests dig in their heels, and the rest of us wait and wait to see what this “health care reform” is really about – perhaps even transformation – of our health care system.  Interventions involving acupuncture, herbal therapy, nutrition and mind-body medicine are having as important an impact on improving health and health care as new drugs and technology.

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