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Women in Balance recognizes and supports those who have shown support for our cause to empower women in their quest for hormone balance and wellness. Please see below for a list of sponsored links and additional resources.

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  • Emerita Emerita® has been women’s premier choice for wellness products for three generations. A socially responsible company with a history of advocacy for women, Emerita®’s product lines include Skin and Body Care, Sexual Vitality, Feminine Care and Balance Support products.
  • Sastun Center The Sastun Center has been the leader in integrative medicine in the Kansas City area. Their expertise synergizes Western, Chinese, naturopathic medicine, psychological health, massage and body work, and mind-body-spirit wellness. Women’s health has been one of the main areas of focus, as they help patients find balance in lifestyle, hormones, nutrition and stress management.
  • Women’s International Pharmacy Women’s International Pharmacy specializes in high quality, custom compounded bioidentical hormone medications for women (and men) in individualized dosage forms as prescribed by healthcare practitioners. Women’s International Pharmacy is dedicated to helping women achieve hormone balance, and to be active participants in managing their healthcare.
  • ZRT Laboratory ZRT Laboratory supports consumers and healthcare professionals in health management through accurate, convenient and innovative lab testing. ZRT utilizes the most advanced technologies to provide screenings to detect hormonal imbalances, Cardiometabolic risk and Vitamin D deficiency.
  • The Seventh Woman’s Foundation The Seventh Woman Foundation has a vision to facilitate women taking care of women. Each female can be our Sister’s Keeper by helping our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends to learn about the healthful changes they need to make in order to insure their hormonal well-being and live fulfilling, productive and loving lives.
  • Mind-Body Medicine The Center for Mind-Body Medicine is an educational organization dedicated to reviving the spirit and transforming the practice of medicine by working to create a more effective, comprehensive and compassionate model of healthcare and health education.
  • Medicine in Balance Medicine in Balance is a holistic collaborative practice that trains and certifies physicians in holistic medicine nationwide. At Medicine in Balance the belief is held that there is a better way to approach healthcare; that everyone is more complex than their specialized body parts and need to be seen as a whole.

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