You are what you eat

woman with veggiesYou are what you eat. As an expert in nutrition I get a lot of questions from patients, friends and family about food and health. March is national nutrition month, making it a great opportunity to spread the word about healthy eating habits.  This month we have two great articles on healthy eating, Eat to live: Best Diets to prevent disease and another on detoxification protocols Spring Clean your Body. 

Another top priority for optimal health is good sleep. To round out this month’s WIBI newsletter we have a great article on Sleep hygiene (in other words, healthy sleep habits).

Finally our women’s health symposium is fast approaching.  The conference takes place in Portland OR March 15-17 for medical professionals and March 16 for the public.  We are very excited about this inaugural event. The speaker lineup is impressive; our women’s health vendors are getting ready to share their women’s health product and diagnostic tools,  and we are gearing up for a fabulous weekend of sharing and learning. Because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and BALANCE IS EVERYTHING.

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Dr Elise Schroeder

Women In Balance Institute