Seeing Pink: October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

pinkwomen-cc2Every fall we see pink.  Our sisters and friends, co-workers and neighbors sign up for the Susan B. Koman’s Race for the Cure   and it’s a reminder that it is once again time to bring awareness to breast health.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) began in October 1985; however the pink ribbons didn’t come on the scene until 1991 when the Susan B Koman Foundation gave out pink ribbons to participants of that year’s race for the cure.  Since then every autumn, recognition is given to breast cancer awareness in the form of pink bracelets, pink ribbons, pink yogurt lids, pink T-shirts pink everything- even the empire state building turns its lights pink!

The intention of the BCAM organizers is to bring awareness of breast cancer issues including treatment and screening mammography. It’s also important to emphasize prevention and specifically exposure to certain environmental toxins like xenoestrogens ( read more about xenoestrogens in the article below). With close to 200,000 women in the US alone diagnosed with breast cancer yearly, any and all awareness brought to both prevention and treatment of the disease is important.

BCAM is also a great opportunity to take a moment to honor all our sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, best friends, and daughters who have been affected by this condition. It’s also a great reminder to take the best care of our health that we can.  Connect with your naturopathic doctor or primary care provider to discuss strategies for your optimal health today. Celebrate Pink!