A Healthier Thanksgiving


Tips for adding nutrients to your traditional recipes Thanksgiving is usually the most difficult holiday to be mindful of what you are eating. But indulging in your traditional holiday feast doesn’t have to mean giving up your healthy dietary habits!

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Diabetes Prevention and You


Who should be thinking about Diabetes prevention? Everyone should be thinking about prevention. However, if you are elderly, have African, Hispanic, or Native American heritage, or your mother had gestational diabetes, you’re at a much higher risk of developing diabetes

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An Alternative Thanksgiving Menu


A low histamine, low oxalate, paleo, gluten free, dairy free menu. Menu White Wine & Thyme Cashew Turkey Gravy (Paleo, GF) Savory Stuffing (Paleo, GF, dairy free optional) Secret Cranberry Sauce (Paleo, Vegan, GF) Grain Free Dinner Roll (Paleo, GF)

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Recipes for Breast Cancer Prevention

avocado and salmon

You are what you eat! Diet is the number one way to affect your health on a day-to-day basis and for prevention of chronic disease. Here is menu for breast cancer prevention.  Enjoy! Breast Cancer Prevention Dinner Menu Grilled Salmon ala

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Breast Cancer Survival and Exercise – To Walk or To Run?

Woman  jogging

Many studies have evaluated the effects of exercise on the mortality risk of a woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Research has shown that women who participate in either a mile of brisk walking or running about two-thirds of a mile

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Prevention is the Breast Cancer Cure

Mature woman holding bunch of grapes, smiling

“What can be achieved with screening has been achieved” said Carlo La Vechia head of epidemiology at the University of Milan. It’s time shift the focus on breast cancer towards prevention and changing behaviors like diet and physical exercise. The

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The Anatomy of a Hot Flash


It is estimated that two-thirds to three-quarters of all American women in mid-life experience hot flashes.  They can last anywhere from six months to five years and can significantly affect a woman’s quality of life. What is behind these flashes?  Let’s have a

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Menopause Around the World


Menopause, defined by the World Health Organization as the permanent cessation of menstruation, marks the end of a woman’s reproductive years.  As a biological event for women around the world, menopause itself is universal, however, research shows that the symptoms

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Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause


GSM, Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause, is a new term used to define the changes occurring to the vagina, vulva, and bladder during menopause. The following symptoms are included in this syndrome. Women may have some or all these symptoms. Genital

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WIBI Welcomes the Seventh Woman Foundation


A breast cancer prevention resource! This summer Women in Balance Institute has opened its doors to the Seventh Woman Foundation, an organization focused on preventing breast cancer through lifestyle and natural hormone balance. Their website has been a trusted resource for

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Preventing Bone Loss with HRT

Woman in Vrksasana Pose

Our bones are living growing tissue. The body is constantly building and breaking down the bone to keep them healthy and strong. Before the age of 30 the bones are at their peak strength, then we start to lose bone

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Healthy Planet = Healthy You


“What we lose in our great human exodus from the land is a rooted sense, as deep and intangible as religious faith, of why we need to hold on to the wild and beautiful places that once surrounded us.”  Barbara

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From Menarche to Menopause


Dr. Elise Schroeder Lectures at Women’s Health Day NCNM Clinic From Menarche to Menopause: Definitions Adrenarche – Adrenarche happens between ages six and nine and is the start of puberty. During this time, the hormone DHEA, which is a precursor to

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Does This Bacteria Make Me Look Fat?


The microbial world within us and its link to obesity A patient I saw last week told me a story about being put on prophylactic antibiotics for recurrent bladder infections. Soon after taking this daily medicine she began to gain

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What’s the Soy Story?


The soybean has been considered one of the five sacred grains of China dating back to 2900 BC. Currently, the soybean has been cultivated extensively and is now the United State’s second largest export crop. The bean is widely known

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Organic Milk: It does a body good?


Deciding what type of milk to buy can be a daunting task. It seems like everyone has his or her own take on what is healthy.  Organic seems like the best choice, but it can be so expensive.  Is the

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Food for You and Your Baby during Pregnancy


Eating a balanced, nutritious combination of foods during pregnancy is important for the normal development of the fetus and can also have an impact on your baby’s long-term health. This is pretty common knowledge; however, for many moms-to-be, thinking about

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Happy Heart, Healthy Heart: The link between emotions and cardiovascular disease


Anyone who has ever felt the ache of a broken heart, or the anxious fluttering of butterflies before a promising job interview, knows that the physical heart and the emotions are intimately linked.  In the late 1950s, cardiologists Meyer Friedman

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February: Sweet Enough!


February is all about the heart.  In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, grocery stores are filled with sweet heart-shaped cards, candies, and chocolates.  Advertisements and commercials urge us to use the holiday as a time to “speak from

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You are What Your Mother Ate

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It has long been known that many substances pass through the placenta and the breast milk.  This is why women are encouraged to abstain from alcohol and smoking during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.  It should be no surprise then that

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